It is not what you do as much as how you do it.

Yoga can be practised at many levels - while what is going on from the outside looks the same the real benefits from yoga are gained from what is going on inside.

Yoga principles explores the essential parts of the inner practice of yoga and the key levers that give you the tools to train and transform your brain while your train and transform your body.

Some of the things we will explore include

Alignment, Awareness, Attitude, Action. The primary and support Bandhas, the breathing method, the foundation, 3 focal points. Connecting to and moving from your centre, creating stability without strain, expansion and relaxation without collapsing, spirals, loops, muscle and organic energy, balance and transformation. Developing and working from the "witnessing state", observation and connection vs doing, an experimental attitude, the principles of dynamic meditation. The 5 states of mind

The class runs from 2.00-4.00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon

The class costs $40.

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