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Mum and Bubs

Classes over Christmas

There will be no classes running on:
Monday 13
th Dec
Monday 27
th Dec
Monday 3
rd Jan 2011

There will be a class on:
Monday 20
th Dec

Classes will begin again after the New Year on Monday 10
th Jan 2011
The Mum and Bub’s classes have been running with great success over the last couple of months.

It has been really great meeting new mums to the school as well as those mums who went through the prenatal classes with me at the Yoga Place.

The babies have been fantastic, sometimes joining in and other times sleeping or playing.

It has been lovely watching them grow and develop from new born to sitting and crawling babies who help with the vocal side of class sometimes!!!!

For the new mum’s who may be thinking of a Mum’s and Bub’s class in the new year, we offer a great environment for getting back into shape, as well as bonding with your babies, and other mothers.

The classes follow a dynamic flow approach to the asanas (poses), with a focus on breath and movement.

As well as the physical aspects of yoga, as a new mum it will be important to stay in touch with your inner self and needs, so the classes offer a space to find that stillness within, and an opportunity for reflection and observation.
There is an element of distraction within the hour; therefore an open mind is needed to provide a light and good spirited environment.

I like to think the classes also provide a community for new mum’s to feel heard, express needs or concerns and a place for Mum’s to give themselves a valid time for themselves.

Through out the months I email dates for coffee mornings so Mum’s can do just that. As the babies get older these mornings sometimes move to local parks in Balmain with coffee from a local coffee shop Charlottes on Rowntree Street, Birchgrove.

It would be great to hear back from you, and any ideas for the classes or topics at coffee mornings, you can email me:

Have a great Christmas and New Year.

Sarah Moore