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Chemical in Plastic Bottles may be harming your children - US governement Health agency

If you or your children are drinking bottled water from a plastic bottle, feeding from a plastic baby bottle or infant formula from a can you might want to stop this ASAP.

This Tuesday a US government draft report warned that a bisphenol alos known as BPA, a chemical used in some "plastic food and drink packaging, including baby bottles may be tied to early puberty and prostate and breast cancer".

The draft findings come from the National Toxicology program which is part of the U.S. National Institutes of Health.

In Canada there are reports that the Canadian Health minister is about to declare BPA a dangerous substance. This would make it the first regulatory body in the world to make this determination.

As you might expect there are divergent opinions of the draft results between the chemical manufactures and environmental activists who have long warned about the potential harmful health effects the chemical.

According to Reuters,

"The American Chemistry Council industry group said the conclusions confirmed that human exposure to bisphenol A is extremely low and noted no direct evidence that exposure adversely affects reproduction or development in human"

And from the environmentalists,

"NTP's decision corrects the scientific record. It reflects a significant body of science showing that BPA may play a larger role than previously thought in a host of common health problems," Anila Jacob of the Environmental Working Group said in a statement.
You can read the full Reuters report on the story here

Alan McCrindle
Director, The Yoga Place