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The Story Of Bottled Water

The History of bottled water is a case study that demonstrates many points about being human. This 8 minute animated stick person video from Anne Leonard, who came to fame with a similar video called The Story of Stuff, tells a story about how a major industry developed around a product that is essentially free.

In the USA over a third of bottled water is essentially bottled tap water. In the majority of blind taste tests that compare tap water with bottled water, tap water comes out top. In similar comparisons that measure cleanliness tap water again wins out over bottled water.

So why do we buy bottled water when we can get it free from the tap? Anne suggests that companies have used fear and disinformation. I suggest that evolutionary "status needs" also play a role. And then there is also portability - people like to take water with them when they exercise.

I have been approached by many companies to stock bottled water here but I have refused on the grounds of the pollution created by the plastic bottles.

Enjoy the video