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David Hicks - a symbol of the future collapse of democracy?

David Hicks, I feel, is a symbol for bigger emerging threat - the collapse of democracy and the retreat to some earlier form of authoritarian government system.
David Hicks, I feel, is a symbol for bigger emerging threat - the collapse of democracy and the retreat to some earlier form of authoritarian government system.

Democracy can only be upheld if there is a "rule of law" that can stand above "elected" governments to prevent them from corrupting and breaking those laws with the view to seizing power "permanently".

In the name of maintaining and promoting democracy around the world, the USA has continuously acted undemocratically and thwarted international law. (I would argue in part to maintain control of the resources it needs to feed its resource, energy dependent system)

This has not only made the world a more unsafe place for all of us, but it has created a massive world wide anti USA sentiment that has the possibility of creating a positive feedback loop that will drive the collapse of democracy.

What do I mean? The USA, UK and Australia have all evoked the "fear factor" based on the "war on terror" to introduce anti-democratic laws to "protect" us from the perceived threat. These laws effectively provide these governments the power to over-ride the judiciary and seize power. So the mechanisms are in place. All we need now is the appropriate triggers to "justify" the action.

I see two possible triggers. The first is the positive feedback loop spiral from the "war on terror" and the USA's other undemocratic acts around the world. Putin has nailed it down in his speech in Germany yesterday. We can see this positive feedback loop in action. The USA labeled Iran, Iraq and North Korea as part of an axis of evil and broke international law by attacking Iraq. Faced by the prospects of being next on the USA hit list, Iran and North Korea have rushed to protect themselves by developing Nuclear weapons. So we have the start of a spiral - an act to make us safe has made us less safe. More nuclear weapons and a growing band of people with grievances against the USA and plotting to get vengeance.

We can break this loop if we see it and accept it and the USA backs down from its unilateral bully tactics and accepts international law. But the loop will be reinforced if it leads to an escalation of violence - especially something like another 911.

The second trigger is global warming and resource limits. These are very real, and far larger problems to fear than the "war on terror". And they require global solutions. Democracy and its ""I", self centered", short term, free market economic growth model has landed us in this position. And I fear it is structurally incapable of being part of a solution. We cannot expect to solve problems using the same level of thinking that created them.

A global solution requires an all inclusive "we centered" long term view. If the world fails to find this sort of solution, it will descend into a fight for survival and a battle for dwindling renewable resources. In this world only the strong survive. It is the world of the warlord and dictator. This is where we are heading. Democratic governments and free market growth economies have an inbuilt structural weakness that makes them incapable of making long term actions that have a negative effect in the short run. They are inherently structured around a feedback system that focuses only on the short term. There are no feedback systems that reward long term behavior. In fact there are not even any systems that even measure and take into account the long term.

Even worse, the short-term free market feedback system is structurally flawed in such a way that it destroys our long term future. This is because the free market system has excluded "externalities" from its model - these are the "free" resources that have driven the growth that now threatens our existence - Nature - air, oceans, rivers, land, forests etc. Because of this it has, and still is undervaluing anything with a resource component in it.

So while we blindly continue to pursue short term growth, private equity etc, the undemocratically elected government of China has its eye on long term survival and is taking strategic actions to secure long term access to "undervalued" resources. It is capable of doing this because it doesn't have to worry about elections, it has the cash, there are willing sellers who have a short term focus,

Democracy can't compete against this model. So we democracies have two broad options - A slide down to authoritarian system (the most likely path if we use David Hicks as a barometer) or a shift upwards, to a planetary system (We centered vs, I centered) that has appropriate feed back systems in place to allow us to adapt to the realities we face.